Our Story

A little bit on our journey.


Bringing Tellor's Decentralized Oracle to PulseChain.

We are a group of dedicated community members from the PulseChain ecosystem who set out to help solve one of the biggest challenges facing the chain - ensuring true and reliable price feeds for the ecosystem's native assets like pLUSD. When PulseChain forked from Ethereum, the existing Tellor oracle system was brought over but it was not functioning properly. The inaccurate price data it was providing led to issues like inflation of the pLUSD stablecoin price. This posed a major risk to PulseChain's growth and health.

As passionate believers in PulseChain's mission of decentralization and financial freedom, we couldn't stand by and watch these problems persist. We formed a team and dedicated countless hours to studying Tellor's technical documentation, running tests, and troubleshooting every aspect of the protocol.Through sheer determination and collaborative effort, we were able to identify and resolve the underlying issues preventing Tellor from operating as designed - a truly decentralized and permissionless oracle system capable of providing accurate price feeds sourced from a distributed network of stakers.

Our work didn't just fix pLUSD's price stability issues - it unleashed the full potential of Tellor as a powerful pricing oracle for any asset or data feed required by projects building on PulseChain. Having access to reliable, manipulation-resistant price feeds is critical for next-generation decentralized applications. As one of the most decentralized Layer 1 blockchains ever created, PulseChain's community-led ethos perfectly aligns with Tellor's core principle of an oracle "By the People, For the People". Just as pLUSD has no admin keys, Tellor has no single controlling party - a truly decentralized system.

Our mission moving forward is to foster and grow Tellor's ecosystem on PulseChain. We believe uncompromising data integrity provided through decentralized oracles will become increasingly vital for blockchain's future. PulseChain, powered by the fixed Tellor system, can lead the way for this next era of open, transparent, and uncensored data availability. What started as a grassroots effort to solve pLUSD's pricing issue has evolved into a critical piece of infrastructure for PulseChain's long-term success. We are proud to have helped bring Tellor's vision to PulseChain, where freedom and the right to true and open data reign supreme.